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Property Videos - what other Estate Agents don’t want you to know

Be on your guard for Estate Agents who aggressively promote videos of your actual property. It may seem like a great option - after all, a video must be better than a couple of photographs to really showcase your property.

This is not the case. The reality is there is no evidence to support these videos helping to sell your property and in fact, in some cases, it can do the exact opposite.

High quality photography and expertly designed sales brochures work because they showcase the very best rooms and features of your property. This works because they encourage viewings as potential buyers want to see more of what your property has to offer. Property videos tend to show too much of your property without buyers capturing the experience and character of living in your property. Your viewers will watch the video, see everything they think your property has to offer, but without feeling experience it.

And in many cases, they feel they have seen enough from the video to replace having to view it in person. Why would they? They've already had a virtual "guided tour" which they feel gives the full experience. What you need instead is a location video to promote the area and make your viewers eager to visit your property.

Location and Lifestyle Videos - The Smart Option

You wouldn't buy a house without knowing where it was, right? Neither will your buyers. People pick a house based on where they want to live, and only then what they want to live in.

Think about it like this. You are looking for a place to go on holiday. Of course, you're going to look at the hotel or accommodation, but what is really important is what’s on offer in the area. Are there restaurants, entertainment, nice beaches or facilities nearby? If this sounds familiar, it’s because this is exactly what buyers are looking for when they select a new home.

Most Estate Agents have not picked up on this. They think that buying a house is all about the property and the only thing buyers care about is how many bathrooms there are, how big the garden is, or the colour of the front door - of course, these are important factors, but you wouldn't buy the best house if the area didn't offer the facilities to match your lifestyle requirements.

McEwan Fraser Legal are the only Estate Agents with a library of location videos and lifestyle interviews featuring real people promoting living and working in the areas your buyers are interested in. If your Estate Agent doesn't offer these services, you will greatly limit the amount of people who will be attracted to your property.

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